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The Bachelors’ Protective Union of Kearney

Solomon D. Butcher depicted the cigar stand inside Kearney’s Midway Hotel, which hosted many social events sponsored by the Bachelors’ Protective Union. NSHS RG2608-2628 When the Bachelors’ Protective Union gave a gala reception for two of its newly married (former) … Continue reading

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Nan J. Aspinwall, Western Entertainer

Nan Aspinwall was famous as an expert roper. NSHS RG3513.PH6-54 (left). When Nan Aspinwall arrived in New York on July 8, 1911, after a ride on horseback from San Francisco to New York, it was perhaps the highlight of a … Continue reading

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No Riding on the Sidewalk!

I ran across a booklet containing the Ordinances of the City of Beatrice, Nebraska from the year 1885. I thought I would share a few items of interest. Ordinances for the City of Beatrice, 1885 (NSHS RG308) According to Ordinance … Continue reading

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Huff and Puff Not Enough to Destroy This Straw Building

Everyone has heard that necessity is the mother of invention. This is best exemplified in times of war, when the necessities of a country are tested to the maximum. During World War II, architects and builders were forced to find … Continue reading

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Mystery Grave in Boyd County

The Boyd County skull, showing what appears to be a bullet hole in the forehead. Like something out of detective fiction, a crew digging a trench found an unmarked grave in a rural field where no graves were known to … Continue reading

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