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African Americans in Nebraska History

During the Black History Month of February, check out the articles in the Fall/Winter 2010 double issue of Nebraska History magazine discussing the history of African Americans in this state: Introduction – David L. Bristow “Equality Before the Law”: Thoughts … Continue reading

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George H. Payne and the American Valley of the Nile

When Omaha businessman George H. Payne (1864-1937) formed the Payne Investment Company in the early 1910s, he launched what would become one of the largest colonization efforts in the West. The company’s promotional periodical The Land Owner, “A Journal of … Continue reading

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Treasures from Nebraska Museums

The NSHS works hard to collect and preserve Nebraska history, but we don’t do it alone. Historical organizations and museums dot our ninety-three counties and contain many treasures. To support their work in preserving our collective history we’re showcasing items … Continue reading

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A Tombstone and a Blizzard

Many tales of Nebraska blizzards can be found in the pages of the state’s newspapers. One such story, which originally appeared in the Chicago News, was published in the Kearney Daily Hub on May 16, 1912. Under the attention-grabbing headline … Continue reading

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Snowbound on a Train

“The passengers snowbound on the Missouri Pacific train between Eagle and Elmwood were released late Friday, but not through the clearing of the track,” said the Lincoln Star on March 16, 1912. The fifty-four passengers temporarily trapped on a train … Continue reading

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