Nebraska Unwrapped: What would you include?


Calling all would-be curators! What should the Nebraska State Historical Society be collecting? When the Nebraska History Museum in Lincoln re-opens on April 1st, it will feature “Nebraska Unwrapped,” a showcase of about 150 objects that represent the people, history, cultures, and stories of Nebraska.

With all the cool old stuff the museum holds in trust for the people of Nebraska, the curatorial staff had a hard time choosing which objects to display. And we discovered that there were many things that we’d like to have but don’t.

So, we’re asking the public to play the part of curator and let us know what you would include!

Please fill out the below form and tell us what objects from the past 150 years you think best represent the people, history, cultures, and stories of Nebraska. Since we’re not creating a museum display here, you can be creative with your definition of “object.” It can be something tangible, like a cornhusk or a map. It can also be something intangible, like “attending a Husker game at Memorial Stadium.”

If you want to see some of what the museum already holds, check out our online collections here.

We’ll be sharing some suggestions on our Facebook page and Twitter , so keep an eye out… Maybe you’ll see your idea featured in the coming weeks!

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If you have a photo or image of your “object,” please send it to

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