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Todd Storz: Radio for a New Era

Todd Storz, owner of Omaha’s KOWH, saw music as opportunity. He showed the world how to harness music and make it profitable in a world more interested in visual stimulation than audio. Largely because of his invention and business efficiency, … Continue reading

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A Question of Business: Will Machines Replace Stenographers?

In 1877 Thomas A. Edison invented a machine that could record and reproduce the human voice using a tinfoil-covered cylinder. Edison’s phonograph, his trade name for his device, was followed in 1886 by Alexander Graham Bell’s graphophone that used wax … Continue reading

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Newly Discovered Diary Tells of Building the Transcontinental Telegraph

The transcontinental telegraph was a remarkable technological feat that had major consequences for the West and the nation as a whole. Yet relatively little has been written about it. Historians Dennis N. Mihelich and James E. Potter have edited First … Continue reading

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Free Auto Camps

John Nelson’s photograph depicted a homemade auto camper (left). NSHS RG3542-124-01 Long distance travel in the early days of the automobile was difficult, and comforts along the way were few. Motorists pitched their own tents and cooked their own meals … Continue reading

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Lazy Days of Summer

RG2836.PH189 (left) Are you enjoying your summer as much as the boys in this photograph? This image was captured in about 1915 by Emanuel Wolfe.  Surprisingly, Wolfe was not a professional photographer. He owned and operated a successful dry goods … Continue reading

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Fun Photo from the Collection

RG3377.PH2-8 (photo at right). What a great photo! These daring men were part of a telephone line crew near Elwood, Nebraska in about 1905. On several of the men, linemen spikes are clearly visible. What are linemen spikes, you ask?  They are … Continue reading

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Tractor vs. Horses

At left is a tractor in Ogallala, Neb., 1918. NSHS RG0716-34-5 Which is more economical for a farmer, a tractor or a team of horses? In the early years of tractors, the answer wasn’t obvious to everyone. A series of … Continue reading

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